Babycakes (NYC)

Located in Larchmont Village, Babycakes is a gluten-free, vegan bakery that headed west from NYC.  I stumbled upon Babycakes unexpectedly through a recommendation from a Pete’s Coffee worker.  After buying coffee one morning, I inquired about gluten-free pastries.  The worker informed me that they unfortunately didn’t have any gluten-free pastries but he told me if I were to walk up a bit more towards Beverly Blvd., I would find a gluten-free bakery.  The thought of this discovery evoked an excitement from within that I almost darted out the door before my boyfriend was able to get his coffee.  Anxiously, I asked him if he wanted to come with me in which he did.  

I did not know what bakery he was talking about since the only one that we ever knew about on Larchmont towards Beverly Blvd. was Noah’s Bagels.  After turning back towards Pete’s Coffee, we came upon Babycakes NYC and went inside.

Being my first time in the bakery, I asked which pastries were gluten-free.  The worker then asked me if it was my first time there in which I replied, “yes”.  Upon receiving this response he told me that EVERYTHING was gluten-free and vegan, as I stared at the donuts while my mouth watered from nostalgia.  Ya see, this is a big deal for me being gluten AND dairy allergic.  I can never eat pastries, and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a donut.  The thought of having any pastry in the store at my disposal brought fireworks to my imagination.  ANYTHING?!!  So I made sure I went for the coconut donut and the banana chip bread (as in vegan chocolate chips), both of which I was VERY pleased with.  Finally, to be able to eat some of the things that I’ve missed because of my allergies was a temporary “dream come true”, as long as I was able to enjoy the moment.  That’s all that mattered in that moment.  

I was invited to try the waffle next time on a future visit.  I can’t wait to return on my next pastry crave.  Thanks Babycakes!  Gluten-free is definitely for me :)